Aston Martin Plans a Family of Mid-Engine Monsters

The British automaker is planning an entire range of mid-engine sports cars.

Speaking to Car and Driver at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer confirmed a mid-engined supercar is being planned that will be the start of a completely new model range, positioned below the Valkyrie hypercar. “Valkyrie is the start of a mid-engine dynasty, if you want to call it that,” said Palmer. “The reason we’re doing it is to create a halo car, but also to create DNA for a mid-engined sports-car range.”

For now, Palmer didn’t share many details on what exactly “range” entails – it could be separate models or a family of variants, or both – but he did say that a project is currently in the design studio. Unfortunately, it’s not a sure bet as the British automaker has to continue hitting its sales and revenue targets before the project can move onto the engineering stage.

If it does become a reality however, look for the new mid-engined supercar to debut in late 2020 and like the Valkyrie, the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team will be involved with its development. Palmer hinted that the supercar would be built around a V12 engine rather than an AMG-sourced V8, adding that a likely rival to the car would be the Ferrari F12berlinetta.

More importantly however, the first supercar could mark the beginning of an entire range, with models targeting all sorts of exotics from Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren.