Lewis Hamilton Throws Shade at Ferrari’s Supercars

According to Lewis Hamilton Mercedes should be beating Ferrari on both the road and the race track.  

Following the launch of Mercedes-AMG’s Project One hypercar earlier this week, Hamilton took time out of his busy schedule to throw a significant amount of shade at Mercedes’ on-track rivals in Maranello.

“I’ve been saying to Mercedes for so long, why don’t you do a real car? Like, you’ve got AMG sports cars, but I’m talking about a supercar,” the triple F1 champ told Top Gear .

“Why is Ferrari building these supercars? We can build a better car than them. We build a better racing car than them, why don’t you guys build something that takes Mercedes to another stratosphere.”

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But Lulu is excited about the car, and not just I’m-paid-to-be-excited, but genuine ear-to-ear grinning excitement. “Firstly, the sound,” Hamilton continued. “When you rev this thing and shift up through the gears, it’s just going to be breathtaking. It’s going to be very, very streamlined. And then, it’s got quite a wide track, and have you seen the size of the tyres?

“The problem is that there’s no road car in the world that could come close to what it feels like in my Formula One car. Because of the weight, aerodynamics, the sense of position, the thrill that you get. But this is going to be the closest thing. ‘Cause you’ve got the sound and the technology. I think it’s really going to blow people’s minds. It’s going to be by far the closest thing.”

There may be a bit of branded bias at play as Hamilton is unlikely to bite the German hand that feeds, but the Briton did buy himself a La Ferrari in early 2015 following his second driver’s championship, the first of three consecutive Driver’s and Constructors titles for Mercedes-AMG.