Porsche: Manual Transmissions and Hybrids Don’t Mix

Manual transmissions just don’t make a lot of sense on electrified vehicles.

When Porsche debuted its then-new 911 GT3 at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show without a manual transmission, people weren’t happy. The feedback was so strong that Porsche decided to offer the 911R, a manual-only sports car that was basically a purist’s GT3. And now the latest Porsche 911GT3 welcomes back the manual transmission, showing just how dedicated the German automaker is towards rowing your own gears.

But we know that won’t last forever, as other automakers are already fading out manual transmissions. Some are doing it quietly, like BMW, while others just see little reason to offer them based on sales – or the lack thereof. In a recent interview with Road & Track, Porsche vice president of the Panamera lineup, Dr. Gernot Döllner, said hybrid and/or electric vehicles from the brand only make sense with automatic (or PDK) gearboxes. He added they can only be efficient with an advanced automatic gearbox.

In other words, if the Porsche 911 adds a hybrid variant, don’t expect it to offer a manual transmission. That really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since several 911 models already don’t offer a manual anyways like the GT3 RS, GT2 RS, and Turbo.

What it does suggest is that when most, if not all, Porsche vehicles are electrified, none of them will offer a manual transmission. There may come a day the entire Porsche lineup is only offered with advanced automatic gearboxes and it might be coming sooner than you think.