Buy This Batmobile Tumbler Replica at a Price Only Bruce Wayne Could Afford

One of the coolest items in Batman memorabilia is available for avid fans of the franchise to purchase.

A replica of the Caped Crusader’s iconic ‘BatMobile’ Tumbler can be had for an even $1 million (EUR). From the original ‘The Dark Knight’ film, the unique, tank-like car has an eight-cylinder, Corvette 5.7L engine, 500 horsepower, and the stylish Lamborghini lifting doors. Four, 44 inch tires at the rear should be enough strength to commute to your average everyday robbery or desk job, highlighting the BatMobile’s flexibility. Oh, and the jet engine at the back really shoots fire.

batmobile2The replica is currently in Dubai, UE. Unfortunately, the Dark Knight’s veichle only comes in one colour – but that’s to be expected.