The Aston Martin Vulcan Will Be Street-Legal For 24 Lucky Owners

The only real downside to the wicked $2.3 million Aston Martin Vulcan is that it isn’t street-legal. Aston Martin has firmly stated they have no plans on making street-friendly mods, but that doesn’t mean other car companies can’t convert the supercar for road use.

And that’s exactly what engineering company RML is planning to do. Not only is their outfit making Vulcans you can make the public envious with, but they have Aston Martin’s blessing. Aston Martin noticed apprehension from potential buyers of the Vulcan because it could only be enjoyed on the track.Company boss Andy Palmer didn’t want to waver from making the Vulcan as beastly as possible, so it’s lucky RML stepped in, offering to get the hypercars street-safe after production. It will be available to 24 lucky owners of the incredible supercar.“So it has taken a bit of time to work out what’s possible from an engineering perspective, but we expect four or five owners will take advantage of this. We have the sales of the last two cars currently under negotiation and it looks like the road conversion could be the closer on those deals,” Palmer told Autocar in an interview.Ride height and gear ratios will have to be adjusted, and the engine needs to be tweaked so it meets emissions requirements in whichever country the Vulcan resides in.

The conversion will take roughly three months to complete, and the cost figures to be in the six-figure range – peanuts if you can afford a monster like this. Let’s hope the 7.0-liter V12 unit doesn’t lose any of its 800 horsepower during the transformation.

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