Apple’s Electric Car is On the Fast Track

It’s no secret Apple wants to build a car. Dubbed ‘Project Titan’, the innovative company has been adding tons of automotive experience to its team, which is growing exponentially.

Encouraged by their new additions, Apple has ambitiously bumped the internal ship date of its car sooner than imagined. A new report from The Wall Street Journal states that the tech giant is aiming for 2019 to unveil its market-shattering product.

Having said that, ‘ship date’ is automotive double-talk, and doesn’t necessarily mean they’re coming out of the plant that day. When Apple says “ship date” it can also be referring to the date when engineers sign off on the main features of a product. Basically, 2019 could be the year when the car’s look, powerplant, tech, etc… crystallizes, not when it hits dealer lots.

The Apple car is expected to be electric, though it won’t be fully autonomous. No one is questioning Apple’s creativity, but there’ve been concerns on their ability to build a quality machine. Apple will need to partner with an automaker to make use of its plants, or build its own manufacturing facilities.

Knowing Apple’s ego, the latter is more likely.