America’s Only Aston Martin Vulcan is For Sale For This Astronomical Price

If you’re looking to own the ONLY Aston Martin Vulcan in the U.S., it’ll cost you.

The Vulcan, available via the dupont Registry, can be had for $3.4 million – around $1 million more than the original asking price for the track-only vehicle.aston-martin-vulcan2So what do you get for your money, besides a car that’s banned from public streets? Well, in classic Aston Martin fashion it’s extremely rare; there’ only 24 Vulcans on the planet. It’s not street legal thanks to its robust 7.0-liter V12 under the hood, good for 800hp. Oh, and its sidepipes spit fire.aston-martin-vulcan3Despite the hefty price, this is one seriously cool ride you’re guaranteed not to see anywhere else – at least in the U.S.aston-martin-vulcan4 aston-martin-vulcan5aston-martin-vulcan6 aston-martin-vulcan7 aston-martin-vulcan8 aston-martin-vulcan9