For once, a sign of good things from Lotus

Lotus released one of the first real indicators today that it has a bright future.

“It’s been a period of substantial change at Lotus and we are now in a strong position to expand our work on future products and to increase production in our manufacturing facilities,” Lotus chief operating officer Aslam Farikullah said. “We want Lotus to be at the forefront of the global automotive industry and for us to remain competitive, we will introduce more exciting products – there has never been a better time to be part of the future of Lotus.”

It would be understandable to question how stable Lotus really is. The brand’S CEO was thrown out abruptly by then-new owner DRB-Hicom last year. Most recently, plans for new cars were slashed, but an albatross might finally be in sight for the British sports car builder. It announced a hiring spree today that will see over 100 new jobs created following an investment of 100 million British Pounds by its owner.

The company will recruit 45 specialist engineers, 40 “manufacturing operatives,” and 18 recent graduates to “strengthen its engineering, productivity, efficiency and quality,” Lotus said in a statement.

More importantly, the new hands will help Lotus develop new products while expanding its engineering consultancy services. Lotus frequently lends its lightweight engineering expertise to other manufacturers.

“It’s a positive sign for both the U.K. car industry and Lotus that we are able to recruit such a high number of both experienced specialists and graduates, who will take their first steps on an exciting and rewarding career path,” Lotus human resources head said.

Until now, news about a future for Lotus had been mainly speculative. DRB-Hicom had said the brand was safe, but very little actually seemed to be happening at the company.
Lotus Promises More Exciting Products, Hires Engineers | News