How's it going everyone. I've recently finally finished school, changed careers, and landed a pretty good position with a decent promotion potential for the next couple years. I recently started to wear watches because 1) it can be a great conversation stater, 2) feel it's a good way to accessorize my ensemble, 3) and sometimes it's good to wear a fancy watch. I wanted to get myself a gift for busting my butt a bit with a new time piece and eyeing the Seiko Alpinist (Seiko Green Dial Automatic Alpinist Field Watch with 38mm Case, and Sapphire Crystal #SARB017).

I know it's not a fanciest time piece in the world, the fanciest time pieces I have is Lumtec Eurozilla I bought when I worked overseas, and a Seiko Monster (Orange face) but I am growing my small collection, and don't have the big salary for a higher end watch that are well known such as a Rolex.

I was wondering if anyone has owned this piece? How'd you like it? How often you wear? and also for people that may have not owned it but are avid watch collectors, what do you think of it?