I was thoroughly enthralled by the race. As a Vettel fan, I found myself pretty embarrassed that he blatantly ignored the team orders. Do I like team orders, no. But in this instance with the heat, and the tires, I can see why the teams used them. Had Red Bull unleashed Vettel and Webber and let them go at it with the motors turned up, they could have ended up being caught by the Mercedes crew. I don't blame Brawn for holding his boys back either, it is a long season, and Mercedes getting a 3rd and 4th so early is a great start. Heck Mercedes only scored 142 Team Points last year total, and now they already have 37 two races into the season, just 3 points behind Ferrari and Lotus. My favorite moment in the race had to be Alonso not pitting. :-)
It is going to be an amazing season!