Hello fellow L4P'ers

Haven't been around in a while. Wanted to share my mother's battle against terminal cancer and ask for your generosity. Long story, but would greatly appreciate your time to read it.

My parents, like many retirees, had to leave their home once retired due to the high taxes on the property. They decided to split their time living in Spain with me, and in the US with my brother. While in Spain in December of 2015 my mother fell sick and was diagnosed with a terminal cancer known as mucinous adenocarcinoma and peritoneal carcinomatosis in stage 4. She was given a few months to live.

We consulted with Dana Faber in Boston and with a Spanish doctor who also works at Dana Faber and agreed that the proposed treatment by doctors in Spain was only option. Not much of an option as it was palliative, try and stop progression of the disease. She was given folfox chemotherapy which not only did not stop it, but gave her more problems such as pulmonary edemas and grade 3 neuropathy. Seeing it provided no benefit it was decided to stop treatment and sent her home to die. It was also decided she was not a candidate for crs/HIPEC surgery.

We couldn't give up and accept she was going to die. We decided to come to the USA and seek possible medical alternatives here, and really for my mom to say good bye to our family here in the USA, my brother, her granddaughters and rest of our family.

We visited Dana Faber and they confirmed the same outcome. We then went to MSKCC in NY and similar prognosis. Fortunately we found a Dr. that looked at all her medical history and said, let's do it. He has been performing this tye of surgery for many years and believed he could help her. And although it is not one of the top cancer hospitals in the USA, we put all our faith in him and his ability. And even though it was a very difficult surgery, where even the doctors and nurses were amazed at the amount of cancer removed, he is confident all disease was removed. And we pray for that to be true.

After a long surgery and long stay in ICU, with a second surgery 7 days after first surgery due to complications, and several other complications in between, we have spent a month in the hospital. Nearly 20 days in ICU.

Unfortunately this disease has put a heavy financial burden on our family over this year. Flights to come to USA, medical expenses and so on. Our family takes turns to stay with her and need to travel nearly 3 hours from my brothers home in New jersey to Stony Brook in NY. We sleep in the car, in the hospital and when we can we either come home to shower or rent a Hotel. We are draining our savings so we can be here, not counting medical expenses we will have to face, like the transfer of my mother by medical ambulance to a rehab center in New Jersey once discharged. Which from what we are told is 100% out of pocket. And sounds to be near the $10K range from what a social worker has told me.

As if the medical expenses and financial burden was not enough, my brothers employer fired him and declared job abandonement so he can not claim unemployment. Even though he was on vacation time to take care of my mother. After 14 years of working for the company, and with no previous warning. Which has further caused a financial stress on our already struggling family. And I unfortunately am also unemployed, so can only chip in my small savings and put everything I can on credit card and have my home for sale in Spain so as to hopefully help pay the comming bills.

We have always been a family who has given forward to those in need. My mother has always contributed to Police, Firemen and just anyone in need and every cause we could try to help. Even coming out of supermarket with food to give to those begging outside. My brother and sister in law have also contributed not only money to those in need but their time to help build homes for the homeless. Their daughters are also very active in the community. They are now going to be escorting WWII vets to Washington DC. Unfortunately it is now us that need the genorosity of others. And it is why I humbly write this post to ask for your generosity. I know L4P is filled with great people, many philanthropist who help those in need. If you can spare anything, or simply just a share of our gofundme page, I would greatly appreciate it. Even a job for my brother, who is a chemist would be great. He hasn't found one yet.

Hopefully my mother can fully recover and live. She is a great person, not just because she is my mother, but because she genuinely is a great caring and loving person. Hospital staff are amazed at our dedication to her, the endless hours we stay by her bedside. I have personally stayed more than 30 hours straight with no sleep so my brother can go look for work.

Again, thank you to all who have read, to those who can contribute or simply share our gofundme page. You will greatly be appreciated, and we will pay it forward to those in need.