Hey guys, here is a great charity that I've found through Tony Robbins, I was compelled to not only donate, but set up a fundraising page of my own to help spread the word about the cause. If you see the same value I did, please take just a minute to make a great impact. The link is:

Brother Benno's | James Sama's Fundraiser on Crowdrise

HERE'S THE STORY: (from Tony Robbins)

Please spread the love and help bring Brother Benno’s back to life. It is an incredibly important nonprofit that runs at the hands of its selfless volunteers.

When I was younger, I was moved by an anonymous stranger who left a food basket for my family. From then on I vowed to “pay it forward.” With that said, I will be matching every donation that comes into this fundraiser for Brother Benno's, up to $125,000.

The goals of the Brother Benno Foundation are to see that no one in their area goes hungry, no one goes without shelter or clothing, and most importantly, no one goes without someone to care for him or her. They also strive to help their guests attain self-sufficiency.

Brother Benno’s provides people and families on a monthly basis with over 10,000 meals, nearly 1,000 night of lodging, 5,000 articles of clothing, hundreds of loads of laundry, haircuts, showers, bus passes, blankets, ID vouchers and approximately 2,700 food packs.

The cost of providing the food boxes for the first four months of the fiscal year was $157,200, twice the $76,000 it was during the same period last year.

Facing double the cost of food, and decreased funding, the volunteer-run nonprofit, is turning to the community for support so it can keep going and help the local community in need.

Please click on the Donate button and help me raise money for this amazing organization. Or, go a step further and click the Join the Team button below and help fundraise. Every dollar will be matched that you donate or raise.

Everyone who works at Brother Benno’s is a volunteer. Even their Executive Director makes only $1.00 per year. All donations given to Brother Benno’s are used directly for those they serve.

Thank you for all of your amazing support,