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Thread: Interview from Geneva with CvK

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    Default Interview from Geneva with CvK

    English translation (Used google translate, apologies in advance if it doesn't make sense on certain parts):

    Koenigsegg still drives his Saab

    Christian von Koenigsegg still drives her Saab 9-5. But that's all he has left after Saab adventure. However, he has received Koenigsegg to be viable.

    - It is sad that it did not go well for Saab. But it began to look bleak already a year ago, so it was not unexpected, said Christian von Koenigsegg at Geneva Motor Show, where he stands beside his Acting R, which this year is remastered to 1140 horsepower.

    He does not regret the consortium Koenigsegg with elements from both the U.S. and China jumped by Saab purchase in November 2009.

    - We felt that we could not succeed. When the Spyker entered Saab was in a much worse condition which gave them a difficult position, says Christian von Koenigsegg, founder and CEO of Koenig.

    Last year, he could look away to the Saab booth and sports car Phoenix to suggest that Saab had risen from the ashes. Now, where Lotus Cars instead. Spyker sports cars tend to be adjacent to the Koenigsegg, but lights up this year by their absence.

    A number of previous Saab executives have gone to the fair on their own authority. Powertrainvd: n Kjell ac Bergström, who still works for the administrators, took the opportunity to visit Christian von Koenigsegg.

    - We got to know each other during the buying process, he says.

    Koenigsegg, like Saab, have been calculated many times from when Christian von Koenigsegg did seriously by his boyhood dream to build the world's fastest car. The first car was delivered in 2002 and early losses were lined up. But recent years have seen a profit. So even last year.

    - We keep ourselves in all cases over the zero. There may be losses again if we choose to make a serious effort, but we are here to stay, says Christian von Koenigsegg.

    Last year sold about ten cars. The price tag on the super-fast sports cars in tiomiljonersklassen. This summer built the hundredth car.

    - China will be strong for us, said Christian von Koenigsegg.

    Koenigsegg also hope for more collaborations on the motor side.

    - Our solutions also works on regular car engines and there is some interest from the major manufacturers, said Christian von Koenigsegg.

    Original article in Swedish below:
    Koenigsegg kör fortfarande sin Saab | Näringsliv | SvD

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    Another interview with CvK, this time from Dagens Industri (Swedish financial newspaper). CvK mentions that 3 orders have been placed already in the first few days of the Geneva Motor Show:

    The Angelholm-based sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg is in Geneva with the 2013 model year by Acting R. Less weight and more power to be open to new records.
    Car of the Year is not only new color of the shell. Koenigsegg has also been adjusted a number on the inside of Act R-2013-model year.

    "It's a little odds and ends that are new. We have been working on aerodynamics and reduced wind resistance, "says CEO Christian von Koenigsegg.

    It even features a new engine management system and compared with earlier gives the engine an additional 35 horsepower for a total of 1140.

    "Then we have the new hollow carbon fiber rims. This allows us to save about 20 kg of rotating mass which corresponds to about 50 kg, if we had saved weight elsewhere. "

    Koenigsegg has multiple record entries in the Guinness Book of Records, including 0-300-0 km / h in 21.19 seconds. With lower weight and more power it can go even faster.

    "It should mean that we can improve the ages further, if we get some better weather," said Christian von Koenigsegg.

    His company has a volume of between 10-12 cars a year and after several years of losses, they managed to show a profit in 2009 and 2010.

    Are you satisfied with selling 10-12 cars a year?
    "It's okay, there will be no great numbers, and every penny we earn goes to development. But we are building for the long term. Had it been about short-term gains would have been better to hold on to something else. "

    What is the situation right now?
    "It has fallen into some order, three in the first days here in Geneva which is better than usual."

    How do you notice of the economic turmoil?
    "It's hard to say, the markets flowing around a bit. Now, Asia is our largest market, two years ago, we sold almost nothing there. Europe is at a low level, while the U.S. begins to bubble now and where it was cross died two years ago. The most stable market is the Middle East. "

    An Act R costs about 1 million, about 8.9 million, excluding charges and any special adaptations.

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