The Future of Men’s Fashion Might Not Be What You Think

Most men wouldn’t wear loud, patterned capris or jumpsuits to work (unless it was a part of your uniform).

Nick Graham is changing that idea with his clothes that are a blend of ‘tradition, attitude, and pure fun’, making him one of the hottest new names in men’s fashion.

He calls it ‘Post-Prep’.

“By combining classic British menswear with American post-prep styling, we’re out to create a new dynamic – one that is both recognizable and refreshing,” reads the site’s mission statement.

“Whether it’s our 100% silk neckwear with contrasting tails; or our 100% crisp cotton shirtings that look equally great in the office and after work; our collections are designed to take Menswear just a little further stylistically than where it’s been.”

Nick Graham stole the show at New York’s men’s fashion week, the first ever event of its kind. Rave reviews for a couple looks, like this scarf and pocket square (traditional) with mustache tie (pure fun):

And how about sneakers with that plaid suit/flowered shirt combo?

Plus here are some other styles from Nick Graham.

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