Why is This the Most Expensive Pokemon Card Ever?

If the headline-making Pokemon Go! craze wasn’t enough to convince you of some people’s fanaticism towards the franchise, this certainly will.

A rare Pokemon card recently sold at auction for an incredible $54,970, surpassing auctioneers’ estimates and setting the record as the most expensive Pokemon card in history.

The card, sold at a Heritage Auctions comic books sale in Beverly Hills, California, was first given to the winners of the CoroCoro Comic Illustration contest in January, 1998. It was sold in the year 2000 for around $23,000, Heritage Auctions says, so it’s essentially doubled in value in 16 years. A better investment than many vintage cars.

We’re no Pokemon die-hards, but we’re hardly surprised by the hype surrounding this card. It’s one in a run of only 39 cards and was designed by Atsuko Nishida, one of the chief graphic illustrators for the Pokémon franchise. Pokemon fans aren’t sure how many of these are left, but it’s believed not all 39 are around today – so the card could be even less common than the total production number would suggest.

Aren’t you glad you weren’t one of the people that managed to lose their Pikachu Illustrator card?

[Via DigitalSpy]