Pharrell’s New Adidas Collection is Like Artwork for Your Feet

What do you get when you mix design ideas from a musical superstar like Pharrell Williams and a unique architect like Zaha Hadid? A super stylish addition to the the Adidas Original “Supershell” Artwork collection, of course.


Using Adidas’ white Supershell model as the canvas for creation, Zaha’s simplistic design sticks with a classic aesthetic. Stark white, the shoes only offer color through the brand’s logo as well as two stripe accents painted in yellow gold on the back. The toe of the shoe has been augmented with sharp, raised lines that Pharell says, “cast shadows that weren’t necessarily there”.

A limited edition collection, Pharrell’s “Supershell” range for Adidas features a variety of interesting collabs from artists that include Todd James, photographer Cass Bird and the Japanese contemporary artist simply known as Mr.

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