5 of the Priciest Fashion Sneakers to Fill Your Closet With Right Now

It’s tough finding the ideal pair of designer kicks. Over the years with the release of exclusive collaborations, limited-edition lines, and one-off collections that sell out in mere minutes, it’s no surprise collectors are dropping thousands of dollars on sneakers.

While you probably won’t find those special-edition Jordans, here are some solid alternatives for expensive kicks you can still own.

shoes2Buscemi 125MM Screw Sneakers: $2,570

An homage to the ‘70s and ‘80s New York punk scene, the Buscemi’s celebrate the change the rebels of the period brought to the fashion world. These sneakers are accessorized with individually hand-screwed gold-plated screws, a gold-plated lock and key, and the brand’s signature heel handle.


Zilli’s Tamest Crocodile Sneakers $3,138

Blimey, these shoes are as cool as they are classic. The uppers are designed with a velvet suede, and trimmed in a dark crocodile leather for light definition and texture. These are are a wardrobe mainstay.

shoes4Fendi Monster Python Leather High-Top Sneakers: $3,200

Looking for a badass, fur-lined shoe? With bright colors and a little character, this is definitely made for men who like to have a bit of fun with fashion. The shoes are made of python and calf leather, and uses dyed silver fox fur from Finland and dyed nutria fur from Argentina to give this monster his fuzz.

shoes5Stefano Ricci’s Suede and Croc Trim Sneaker: $6,470

Understated but sophisticated, you can’t really tell you’re rocking crocodile leather on your feet. Crafted from a deep blue suede, these shoes are trimmed in a navy crocodile hide, with silver-toned lace holes and plaque for just a touch of coolness.

Rick Owens Faun Geobasket Sneakers: $8,512

Despite its minimalist aesthetic and neutral palette, Rick Owens still manages to go over the top. The shoes are made from black and white-dyed alligator leather with accents and lining in calf leather. This shoe is totally worth the price when you account for the designer, style and exotic leathers.