Help Make This LEGO Lamborghini Diablo a Reality

We love LEGO Ideas and this Lamborghini Diablo replica might be our favorite yet.

Now seeking supporters, the LEGO Lamborghini Diablo was created by Dani87 and features opening scissor doors, hood, and trunk, along with a fully detailed engine, and dash with realistic stickers. Other details on the creation include pop-up headlights or clear-glass headlights, ability to transform into a coupe or a roadster, different rims, chrome parts, and detailed stickers throughout.

The creator said this LEGO version is based on the later GT model, powered by a 6.0-liter V12 engine.

If you’ve never heard of LEGO Ideas, the program gives LEGO enthusiasts the opportunity to see their creations become actual products. A project has to reach 10,000 supporters in order for it to qualify for review, done by a board of set designers and marketing representatives. Although LEGO admits it can’t make everything, every project in review does get a fair shot.

If a product gets approved in the review process, then the creator gets to give input to professional LEGO designers to finalize the product. Once it is completed, it goes to the factory and then it’s shipped around the world and released for sale. The original creator, in this case Dani87, would be featured in set materials and would receive a royalty on sales.

So if you want to add a LEGO Lamborghini Diablo to your collection, support the project here.

this article first appeared on AutoGuide