Up for Auction— Items that Belonged to the Titanic, Charlie Chaplin and John Lennon

In September, Christie’s South Kensington will host the 250th Anniversary Edition of Out of the Ordinary. The annual auction celebrates the old, the strange and the one-of-a-kind. Every object up for auction comes with a good story and high price tag. Our favourite three items are:

1. Set of Keys from the Titanic (Pictured Above)

These rusty treasures belonged to a lamp trimmer named Samuel Ernest Hemming. He was 43 years old when the ship went down and had spent around 30 years at sea.



2. Charlie Chaplin’s Violin

violin-owned-by-charlie-chaplinThis violin had its fifteen minutes of fame in Charlie Chaplin’s 1917 comedy drama, The Vagabond. It appeared in the opening scene of the movie, and then in another scene where Chaplin used it to serenade his crush. His wife passed it down to her chauffeur and it made its way to Christie’s.


3. John Lennon’s Cuff Links

john-lennon-s-cufflinksLennon was given these custom cufflinks as a commemoration for an unforgettable Beatles performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Every band member was given a pair — Lennon’s are inscribed with the initials: J.W.L. Attracting 73 million viewers, the show was viewed by 60% of Americans (who owned a television at the time) — it was a big deal.

For more information on Christie’s 250th Anniversary Edition of Out of the Ordinary, check out their website.