This Gold-Plated Walkman is the Rich Hipster Dream

For you “audiophiles” who are absolutely obsessed with receiving only the highest quality beats drumming into your ears, Sony’s new gold-plated walkman is definitely for you.



The first Sony walkman of this kind was released early January of this year. Its price tag -$1,200 – had some people arch their brows but if you thought that was expensive, then you’ll really have a hard time accepting this year’s new and improved gold-plated version which costs $3,299!

Yep, this high-end version of the already pricey walkman has a copper body that has been plated in gold, which is said to reduce contact resistance and magnetic interference. Inside, the gold version is said to reduce noise even further and it also has a “dual clock circuit with low phase noise quartz oscillator” (in layman’s terms it theoretically improves sound quality). But most importantly, it looks pretty badass.



Changes from last year’s model (besides the gold) includes a different headphone jack location (it is now at the top rather than the bottom) and the side buttons look easier to press. The interface is supposed to have also changed, however Sony hasn’t given potential buyers an update on that just yet.

Those who could care less about the gold-plated version can also purchase this model “early next year” for about $1,199. But if you really want to treat yourself to some blingin’ music, the gold-plated version is worth the price tag!

[Source: The Verge]