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Thread: A mans wallet is a wallet for most, I'm thinking about a Ettinger Wallet...

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    I'm old school and still use coins occasionally. So wallet it is. Have been using Danier leather wallets and they last a few good years.

    Here's something to appease all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plackslayer View Post
    I destroy wallets faster than I care to admit. The latest one I have that has help up very well is a Nautica. I did a quick search and couldn't find it for sale on their site so I'm guessing it is no longer in production but it is a tri fold with their logo pressed into the black leather. 2 years old and it is just now starting to show any signs of wear.

    Sure it is "cheap" in comparison to the other brands listed but looks good feels really nice and after using "Leather One" on it about once a quarter to clean it it stays that way.
    i had this exact same wallet, got it from a cousin as an xmas gift from macys. I loved that wallet, was so simple.

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    Nothing against wallets; a pocket works well for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayneious View Post
    DialM, I took a bit of time to read some of your other posts...

    A few are decent, some are well educated replies to posts but you also a have a good amount that are self-serving and lack substance to say the least.

    The fact that this this thread is still trailed off on a tangent into your personal soapbox is what is sad.

    What you've berated this into is simply you attempting to force your personal opinion onto anyone here about not carrying a wallet of billfold and what you think they are when in all actuality my original question was about people’s personal experience with the product.

    I laugh because ironically my mind always goes back to my original train of thought and if you do not have any experience with the product I was asking about, there really was and still is no need for any input from you on the subject as you don’t use a wallet, right?

    Yet you feel the need to push that opinion on everyone and defend your position; again, no one cares but if your personal pathos is that vested, please feel free to continue with this train of thought as the thread is now yours and I’ve made up my mind.

    I'm sure you have valid points to make as I saw in real estate, business and other areas and I even look forward to reading about them now and again (maybe, with a grain of salt) but here, in this thread my 'Internet Conquistador' 100% of what you have written here is simply garbage and provided nothing of value in the gathering of information about the product.

    Nothing you wrote swayed my opinion on not using wallets yet if not using a wallet for you works, then fantastic and again, the thread is yours, enjoy sir, enjoy.

    Awesome post. I mean that. I am disappointed, though, that you haven't taken an honest look at your need, or lack thereof, for a wallet. For that, I have only myself to blame. I take full responsibility for failing to convince you of the ridiculousness of sitting Costanza-style on a huge lump of leather and carwash coupons. One day, when you are old and hunched over to one side, relegated to walking only in circles after years of impotence-inducing, single-cheek ass-numbness caused in large part by my self-serving communication style, I hope you will forgive me, bestowing upon me the same pity you usually only reserve for close family members or nuns who have wronged you so egregiously. I am sorry. Deeply.
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    Touché, good sir…


    Ironically, most of the time, I keep my wallet in my front pocket so not to be seen by others if not there, in the front breast pocket of my jacket.
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    When I used to carry a wallet, it was in the front pocket too. But now with having to carry a cell phone, I just can't deal with it. Especially wearing slacks. Nothing worse for me than pockets bulging with a phone, keys, wallet, etc. Oh God, maybe I need a purse!

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    Stacks of money in my rubber bands. Cards and small change for the money clip.
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    Wow. Major derailment here.

    I love my Tumi Meridian billfold; it's simple, elegant, and well-crafted. That said, Ettinger may well be my next choice - the colors and ddesigns available are great and their manufacture is solid. I was expecting a high price but they are not far from what my Tumi cost; the only thing I don't like about Tumi is they started putting their emblem where personal initials used to go.

    I just checked Ettinger out again and while I was originally eyeing the Bridle Hide collection, those Pinstripe designs are very sharp. Black on tan is classic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DialM View Post
    When I used to carry a wallet, it was in the front pocket too. But now with having to carry a cell phone, I just can't deal with it. Especially wearing slacks. Nothing worse for me than pockets bulging with a phone, keys, wallet, etc. Oh God, maybe I need a purse!
    This is actually a pretty interesting conversation. I carry a wallet. I have 2 CC, a DL, 2 punch cards for my favorite restaurants, 1 punch card for my car wash, some cash, and some business cards. My wife keeps about $20, 1 amex and her ID in her back pocket. No wallet and no purse (doesnt even own one).

    I never hand out business cards and rarely remember to use my punch cards. I could easily stop using a wallet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DialM View Post
    I am still trying to picture a need for a wallet. What do you carry in there?
    I also HATE giant bulging wallets... it is ridiculous when I see friends pull out their wallet that is 2inches thick and jammed full of stuff that has no business being with them on a daily basis.

    However... on the flip side... i tried using JUST a clip, and there were a few downfalls for me that made me go back to using a wallet.

    1. Statistically, I pull cash out of my pocket probably 5x more often then I need to pull out something important like my ID. If you keep your ID clipped with your cash, then everytime you pull cash out, it is another chance to drop or lose your ID, as plastic cards all clipped together have a habit of slipping out of a clip.
    2. I noticed my cards and ids get scratched up, worn out, bent etc much faster when not in a wallet. not a huge deal, but it is a fact. In a wallet, the cards stay protected better, and also more organized.
    3. I always remember a quote from an old mobster movie or tv show I heard growing up.... "A real wiseguy does not keep his cash in his wallet"... the concept being that you keep important things separate in case you are held up. If you are held up, you can toss your wad of cash, without the hassle of losing your ID, credit cards, etc.

    My solution was to only use a super-thin wallet, and ONLY carry things I use weekly. I went through my wallet, and used a simple rule. If you have not used that item within the past week, it does not deserve to be there.

    So I keep things separate, and it works out very well.

    Cash = Moneyclip

    ID, CC, Concealed carry permit = thin mini wallet, less than 1cm thick even with everything in it.
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