2011 SEMA Recap

With the NOS Energy flowing, the Absinthe fairies mingling, and the electrifying beats from a world class disc jockey, the atmosphere at Savini's 2011 SEMA party was, yet again, monumental. Not to forget that the premise of the event was to display and showcase 20+ new styles from Savini Wheels, the plethora of beautiful women might have been a slight distraction.

The complete takeover of Rumor Boutique Hotel, in Las Vegas, NV, was just the foundation for this exhilarating evening. Savini comp'd rooms for over 150 of our top clients in effort to take the hospitality and customer appreciation to the next level. This year's goodie bags included products from Manguin/Absinthe, Affliction Clothing, Savini Forged Wheels, Namco Bandi Games, and Padron Cigars.

Stay tuned for more from Savini Wheels!