We are fast approaching the happiest time of the year for many of us. Specially kids. Gifts, family, fun times. But for some kids these seasonal greetings donít come in the same way as to those more fortunate ones. We are in a time in age where many of our children donít receive presents because their parents just canít afford it!

Just imagine being a young kid for Christmas, sitting and thinking how you are not going to be the one that gets a brand new toy, being the one that ainít gonna unwrap that mystical package on Xmas morning and with a happy smile on your face be so cheerful that no worry in the world can touch you. Imagine that.

We are asking for your help to try and brighten up those Xmas mornings for some less fortunate toddlers. To make them happy and smile, to make them enjoy the most cheerful time of the year and give them a chance to play with new toys. We are happy to bring to you, our friends, a chance to participate in this yearís Toys For Tots charity car show and cruise!

Our objective is to help out the best way we can. So we ask all of you to bring a new, unwrapped toy for the Toys For Tots Foundation. The same will be your entry ticket to the event! Fair bargain? We bet you it is! A day of enjoying cars, helping young kids and really making something that will bring sunshine and happiness to others!

We shall be meeting at 9AM at Starbucks in Plainview Shopping Centre. For those of you that have participated on D2 events before, you will know what and where, for the rest of you, we have prepared a map on how to arrive there. After we have all gathered, we shall then cruise to 2D BN, 25th Marines on 605 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, New York.

So make sure to free up some time, a good cause and good fun await you! And please, donít go all out on car related gifts, not all people, specially kids are that car crazy people like we are!

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