As is the tradition, we will leave Supercar Sunday and head over to Toys R Us to do a huge group by of toys! We will have a LAPD presence and media coverage as is the tradition. You may buy the toys you want and either leave them with the Motor4toys Staff or bring them back on the day of the big event. This is a fun tradition and a great way to kick off the season!

When: Nov. 20th Sunday Meet at Supercar Sunday 7-10am at 10am head over to Toys R US across the street from SCS.
What: Motor4toys Toy Run @ Toys R Us
How: Leave SCS at 10am sharp and head over to Toys R Us to buy toys in preparation of the big show! You may leave the toys with the Motor4toys Staff or bring to the big show.
Why: The kids need us!

Past Story in Daily News:

Classic car owners arm cops with toys - LA Daily News

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The Annual Toy Run SUNDAY Nov. 20th - Driven World
1. Dustin 1968 Camaro- Supercar Sunday Project Car
2. Heather- 1969 Fastback- Supercar Sunday Project Car
3. Jon- Scuderia
4. Justin BMW