The 2014 Magpas Charity Event is the second of our annual VIP event dedicated to the Magpas - The Emergency Medical Charity (Magpas) organised by amazing the fabulous Partridge Events on behalf of O4RB

Picture the scene: it’s dark, it’s cold and you’re trapped in your car. Magpas Helimedix CharityYour injuries are so severe you need specialist medical care and you are quite possibly dying. Thankfully, Magpas is on call to provide its charity funded enhanced Doctor and Paramedic teams by air or by land. Many of the UK’s expert medics volunteer with Magpas to provide frontline medical care - free of charge. The Helimedix team work together to save lives at the roadside or where they are needed most. Magpas is one of the leading providers for trauma care in the UK.