In this video you see the 2018 Volkswagen Polo SUV / T-Cross testing at the Nürburgring.

VW is beavering away on the next-generation Polo hatch. This, however, is believed to be something a bit different – it’s thought to be a mule for an upcoming small SUV, based around the next Polo.

The ride height is higher than previous Polo test mules, jacked up to levels way above those of a normal hatch, and it features bodywork that doesn’t tally with any of the current line-up.

While the production car will share the same engines and platform components as the Polo, it will look very different, with its styling expected to be similar to the T-Cross Breeze concept shown in Geneva. It’s yet to be confirmed, however, whether this compact SUV will have all-wheel drive or not.

Volkswagen has recently gone on record as saying that the existing Touareg and Tiguan will be joined by three different SUV models in the near future. The compact B-SUV market – Juke, Captur, CX-3, Mokka and co. – is a growing, lucrative market that VW is keen to gain a foothold in.

The convertible two door VW T-Cross Breeze concept shown in Geneva in March 2016 directly previews the miniature SUV model testing here, but the production car won’t look quite the same. It’ll have four doors and a roof, for a start.