for everyone who likes hifi tube amplifier, I bought a new amp for my AKG K 1000. The amp has 8 tubes and is generally a abolute highend audio superlatives with a lot possibilities. Want to stay in days, I'll tell you what it sounds like, but now I test it first time out and enjoy it.

I have the following news to manufacurer site of Enjoy the ®

"AudioValve's RKV MARK III headphone amplifier is based on the legendary RKV MARK II and developed this new headphone amplifier with unique new and interesting features. The company AUDIOVALVE claims is has "the ability to render fully believable, 3D images, replete with harmonic richness is unparalleled". AudioValve's RKV MARK 3 employs reference-level OTL vacuum tube design and has a low noise floor, low distortions, high frequency range and high damping. On the left side of the front panel are two jacks for headphones and three rotary switches. The headphone jacks are connected in parallel when using the 6.3 mm connectors. For the use of XLR connectors , take the lower bushing for the right ear and the top of the left ear. Below the two headphone jacks is the Mode switch to select your connected sources. Use the OTL mode if you have a high-impedance headphones (>100 Ohms). Simply turn on the Impedance switch for best results with your chosen devices. A total of five stereo RCA inputs and two XLR and provided. Input 5 is occupied by the built-in phono module for those with turntables. In the middle of the front panel you find the Alps volume pot, balance control and power switch. There is a clipping indicator to show faulty tube or overload with one of the eight PCL805 tubes. Available options include case color of standard, black or silver and another option is a special limited edition in ivory white colored case. Overall power output is 5.8 Watt into a 220 Ohm load and frequency response is from 10 Hz 150 kHz.

rkv mark 3_little.jpg