So, I have always been a huge fan of technology, jump around a lot from brand to brand and the various areas of electronics. Recently my friend got a Droid Razr and I got rid of my Droid X several months back for a iPhone 4s. Well anyhow he is showing me all these powerful apps and programs he can run on his Razr, like controlling surveillance cameras, using his screen as a mouse for his computer, connecting to his server from a remote location, and so forth. Really cool stuff, little beyond my experience, but I decided to see what the iPhone can do. I really enjoy music and partying, so I didn't look into the entertainment side and found Airfoil. The app, allows me to use my windows or mac computers, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, or Airport Express hooked up to speakers as an output for sound. An example would be I could have a youtube video on my laptop playing out of the speakers on my iPhone or I can have having music from my iPad coming out of my surround sound speakers that are hooked up to my Airport Express. I just installed it and have been playing around with it for a little while, its free to try, but the full version is $25. Anyone else use Airfoil?

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