Probably the greatest impact has come from the use of Nanotechnology coatings, which have completely changed the landscape of the detailing industry. Products like Zaino, Collinite, and etc. used to be the best protection available but nanotechnology (AQuartz) or a reactive polymer resin coating (Opti-Coat™) and silica coating (Mondesta) that offer greatly extended durability, scratch resistance and protection from the elements that can be measured in seasons or years, as opposed to others

Do you know that 95% of the advice given on auto detailing forums comes from car care product vendors? This is especially worrying when you realise that very few have a background in Science or Chemistry. Commercialism brings with it concerns of honesty and true representation. In other words, it’s difficult to know what is true when someone is motivated by income, i.e. directly targeted at product sales, more so than an unbiased opinion.

I purchase all the products I use, so the endorsement is entirely personal and commercially unbiased, the product recommendation is based on "Does exactly what it says on the box" and it suits my detailing goals. The products mentioned have been personally subjected to extensive laboratory (using state of the art instruments and methodologies in some of the world's most prestigious labs) as well as field testing, and I have found that they will perform the task more than adequately, hence the personal recommendation, using the methodology and tools cited, which may or may not be the same as those recommended by the manufacturer.

I would like to think that these articles become an asset to anyone who is new to detailing and to professionals alike, as well as industry experts who seek to advance their knowledge.

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