This UFO-Inspired Floating Home is Out of This World

If you really want to go green, then why not buy a U.F.O solar charged floating house?

UFOHouse2Electrically charged through its hydrogen engine, this Unidentified Floating Object concept home by Jet Capsule provides total off-grid living right in the middle of the ocean.

The floating home is intended to slowly move around the world using a Torqeedo Deep Blue 1800 electric motor that connects to a battery, which grabs its energy from solar panels attached to the UFO’s roof (or closable lid) and its optional wind turbines.



UFOHouse5Made of two half-spherical shells of fibreglass, the home that’s shaped like an orb will feature a kitchen, living and dining room on its first floor, while the bathroom and bedroom spaces are set for the submerged lower level. Giving you an up close and personal view of sea life. All day. Everyday.

Jet Capsule also plans on including an onboard water generator to convert rain and sea water into drinking water, as well as acting as a water source for a deck veggie garden.

UFOHouse6And the best part? These UFO homes are estimated to be built at just $200,000. So, those alien architectural dreams you’ve been secretly harbouring are actually within reach!