This Unbelievable Shark-Shaped Personal Submarine Would Make James Bond Jealous

Why be afraid of sharks if you can ride one? This is the Ortega Mk. 1C personal submarine and it’s the stealthiest fish in the water. Capable of diving as deep as 310 feet below surface level, this badass subversive vessel is equipped with two high-power electric motors. And we’re convinced this would make 007 green with envy.mk1c_iso_rear_largeIts HUD navigation allows you to kick back in your captain’s chair, and navigate without having to check your blind spots. Its manometers help you detect submarines in your close proximity. A FLIR camera is installed on Ortega Mk.’s surface, designed to detect infrared radiation.mk1c_side_largeThe high-resolution 3D Sonar System can detect objects around you, preventing you from colliding with ocean life and rival spy scuba divers. The silent rubber-mounted routers will make sure you swim without making a sound.mk1c_topdown_largeEssentially, the Ortega Mk. 1C is the best thing to happen to spy technology, and James Bond would probably exchange his beloved Lotus Esprit S1 Wet Nellie for this thing of beauty.steinsvik_jpgThe Mk. 1C can seat up to three people, so if you’re not on a spy mission, you can take two lucky friends out for a joy ride instead.static1.squarespace