This Awesome Concept is the Luxury Superyacht of the Future

Italian design studio Pastrovich is always creating futuristic designs, and their new Sveti Superyacht is a testament to that.

sveti2It really feels like the superyacht of the future; the concept looks more probable to make it past the drawing board and into reality for customers who’re looking for that unforgettable experience on relaxing waters.

sveti3The boat is a perfect synergic combination of everything one looks for in a luxury yacht: innovative structures, efficient design, energy saving credentials, self-sustaining natural ecosystem, and high-end amenities, which include a full-sized wine cellar, cigar lounge, an underwater submerged spa that gives a surreal view of underwater life.

SuperYachtIcebergsThe unique egg-like structure of this super yacht increases internal strength of the whole structure, reducing the material used for its construction considerably. Here’s the side profile. How’s that spa look?