This Fast and Sexy Superyacht Will Put on the Best Party in Ocean History

The Mondomarine M60 SeaFalcon stole the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show.aerialviewDon’t be fooled by its soft curves — the SeaFalcon bears its name for a reason. Its long beak, fast speed and aggressive demeanour mimic a falcon’s. But instead of soaring through the sky, it soars through the water, scaring away fish and distracting passing boaters. aerialviewDesigned by Luiz de Basto, the SeaFalcon defines 21st-century design. The 198-foot yacht features a plumb bow, curved superstructure and gently sloping stern. Taking 21st-century design to a whole new level, the yacht also features long, foldout side terraces that transform the main saloon into an unbroken patio. To top it off, the high windows connect to 40-foot long terraces that can fold down to open the entire saloon to the ocean. This means that guests can lounge outside and enjoy the beautiful ocean view over a glass (or five) of vino. lounge1 lounge2The party starts when night falls. If stargazing bores you, you can take a walk to the yacht’s rear, where you can switch from vino to champagne at the luxurious SeaFalcon Beach Club.beachclub

You and your significant other can sleep in the Master Suite, equipped with a bedroom that has separate his and hers bathrooms, and a private door to the bow area. Eight guests can sleep in one of four staterooms, and your least favourite guest can sleep in the smaller twin cabin. The crew and captain have their own separate quarters — the captain’s is located on the bridge deck. aerialviewDesigned to reach a top speed of 20 knots and cruising speed of 18 knots, the Mondomarine M60 Sea Falcon is the perfect companion for an exciting luxury vacation.restaurant1 restaurantandlounge terrace profile1 profile2