If You Think This Yacht Looks Badass, Wait Until You See the Inside!

A performance yacht fit for a super villain. White boats make a lot of sense from a practicality standpoint. They’re easy to maintain, they reflect sunlight, they’re more visible in the event of an emergency, but they can also be painfully dull. That’s not the case with the Koji: a gunmetal gray, 112-foot performance yacht that’s sure to make a statement in marinas littered with white boats.

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Penned by designer Andrea Bacigalupo, the Koji’s sleek shape exudes performance, and its three 2,400 hp water jet diesel engines back up the looks. It tops out at 42 knots at full throttle and has a range of 600 nautical miles.

koji_performance_yacht_suite_luxury_4_play 006But the Koji is about more than looking cool and going fast. Outfitted by Luxury Projects Design Studio, the interior décor has an inviting, distinctly Italian feel, which juxtaposes nicely with the menacing exterior. The teak wood floors complement a color palette of reds, purples and grays.

koji_performance_yacht_suite_luxury_4_play 010It hosts up to seven guests in three rooms and five crew members. Additional accommodations include an incredible home theater, exterior dinning area, a full galley and bridge that looks like the inside of a gigantic Ferrari.

koji_performance_yacht_suite_luxury_4_play 011The Koji is currently moored on the Southern coast of France in the Mediterranean and is available for inspection. Asking price is a recently reduced $5.8 million. It’s available for charter as well.

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