The Stiletto SuperYacht Concept Features a Two-Storey Salon, Swimming Pool and Helipad

The masterful OceanCo Stiletto superyacht concept was recently unveiled at the Dubai International Boat Show and its design is absolutely unique, making it a definite show-stopper.

The interior and exterior was designed by renowned designer Ken Freivokh, who has designed plenty of high-performance yachts as well as super yachts like the Stiletto. This superyacht’s layout is unlike any other, which is why it was dubbed a “rule breaker” amongst a sea (pun intended) of concepts. This video below offers a glance of what this super yacht has to offer.

This concept’s length is an astounding 107.7 meters (353.3 feet), giving travellers plenty of room to move about.2StilettoThe front of this super yacht is highlighted by the enormous outdoor terrace forward, which is fully protected should the weather less than pleasant. This area includes a large swimming pool (with its own waterfall) as well as a bar, helipad and plenty of seats to sit back and relax.3Stiletto 4StilettoA secondary pool graces the back of this massive super yacht, as well as reclining seats to soak up the sun.5Stiletto 6StilettoThe Stiletto can accommodate a total of eighteen guests with its six guest cabins and master suite. The latter offers a private terrace as well as a whirlpool, overlooking the aft pool aforementioned and the boarding aft platform.7StilettoThe central glass elevator looks like something out of a sci-fi movie and we absolutely love it! It also features a large spiral staircase for those who would rather walk, which is beneath a large skylight that brings sunlight down to the heart of the Stiletto.8Stiletto 9StilettoThe lower deck boasts a gymnasium, spa and two tender garage.10StilettoThe Stiletto’s major focal point is a central bar, which features a two-storey salon with six meters of headroom. In this room, you’ll never feel like you’re cramped.11StilettoSpacious, luxurious and downright gorgeous, this super yacht will no doubt be a show-stopper when it finally hits the production lines.12Stiletto

Here’s a video for more info:

Source: [SuperYachts]