See the 50-Foot Yacht That’s Built Like a SuperYacht More Than Twice Its Size

When the Galeon 500 Fly yacht is in motion, it looks like your ordinary flybridge – sleek, aggressive, and stylish.

But once the anchor drops, the 50-foot Galeon transforms into something akin to a 125-foot superyacht.

Thanks to award-winning designer Tony Castro, more and more Galeon models have started to see superyacht features implemented. But the 500 Fly is the most transformative design, perhaps ever, for a relatively small production motor yacht.

The Galeon 500 Fly’s glass windows slide into its hull sides when anchored, and the bulwark folds down, which gives it that superyacht feel. Opening the hull sides was a logical progression to make the interior engage with the rear cockpit. Most designs emphasize opening the main salon to the great outdoors through rear sliding doors, but Castro thought this way’s better.

galeon-500-fly-03The innovative design means that, on the port side, a terrace with a table and two bar stools is suddenly connected to the inner galley, forming a breakfast nook or cocktail bar in the evening. On the opposite side, the fold-out terrace features a lounge that sits only a few feet above the water.

galeon-500-fly-08When it’s in compact mode, the Galeon 500 is like any trendy yacht, but with several new features. It’s faster than any yacht in its class certainly; its top end of 30 knots via 670-hp Volvo D9s is something you won’t find on any other superyacht.

galeon-500-fly-04 galeon-500-fly-06 galeon-500-fly-07