This MegaYacht Concept With A 125-Foot Tower Is Luxurious Insanity

The concept for a megawatt dubbed “Shaddai” might be the craziest one we’ve ever seen to date. It boasts not one or two or three…but an incredible four pools spread across its vast expanse of space.

1ShaddaiThe smallest yet hands-down the best pool would be the infinity edge at the very top of this Shaddai’s monstrous 125 foot tower. The views promise to be unforgettable.2Shaddai 3ShaddaiThe concept measures nearly 500 feet long and is absolutely the epitome of luxury and class. The main deck holds most of the beautifully design cabins where guests can rest and relax in the hot tub under the glass-bottomed infinity pool.4ShaddaiWhile we aren’t sure of the basics (such as the number of rooms or even the possible pricetag), we are sure that this yacht is unlike any other and if it ever makes it to production, will definitely be one of a kind.5Shaddai[ Source: HiConsumption]