Meet the Mac Daddy of Ski Boats–MasterCraft’s New XT23

It never feels like summer is complete if you haven’t gone out for a cruise on the water at least once. Even if you’re not too fond of the waves, you’ll find it almost impossible to turn down a ride in the MasterCraft XT23.

The beastly boat measures to 23 feet in length, making handling a breeze, and leaving tons of room for water displacement to enjoy your favourite water sports. We don’t want to call it a ‘party boat’…let’s say its built to hold a group of people having a great time.

Maybe the most alluring feature of the XT23 is the Mastercraft’s award-winning Gen 2 Surf System. It adjusts the wake depending on the water experience you’re after, whether its large waves for surfing, or extra speed for wakeboarding.

You don’t have to be trailing the boat to enjoy its amenities – it’s just as much fun driving the thing. Powered by a 5.7 liter Ilmor V8 or a 7.4 liter Ilmor V8, the luxury powerboat can cut through harsh, aggressive waters when required.


For a touch of characters, the XT23 has two different highly customizable towers to choose from, perfect to add on surf racks or speakers for your guests.