L4P’s Five Most Anticipated Superyachts at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show: Perini Navi Sybaris

We’re nearing the end of our Monaco Yacht Show primer, already showing some of the leading-edge superyachts in the industry. We’ve previewed the Baglietto Unicorn, the Benetti FB264, and the Admiral Quinta Essentia, all pinnacles of performance and presence in the water.

Today, being Throwback Thursday and all, we look at an old school – sailing – superyacht: the Perini Navi Sybaris.

The 230-foot sailing yacht is the largest Perini has built since it launched its monstrous Maltese Falcon a decade ago. It’s a classic-style yacht that traditionalists will appreciate, though Perini has added modern enhancements to make sailing easier.

Sybaris is obviously a milestone for us,” said Burak Akgül, Perini Navi’s managing director. “Beyond its large size, we’ve made important advances in our sail-handling technology to make it easier to sail.”


How simplistic is the steering? Perini’s system allows the superyacht to be controlled by a joystick, for some leisurely single-handed sailing.

The inside is deceptively spacious, with ample room for 12 in the master suite, as well as two VIP staterooms, and three double cabins.

The Sybaris’ speed is one of the better clips for a superyacht sailer – 17.5 knots, thanks to the twin 1930-hp MTU diesels it sports. At a clip of 12.5 knots, the Sybaris can venture 5,000 nautical miles.

While there’ll be a plethora of stunning yachts and sail ships in Monaco, we’re sure the class and elegance of the twin-masted Sybaris will make it one of the show’s top attractions.