If Money’s No Object—These Are the Top 5 Luxury Yachts You Can Charter This Winter

The Sycara V will take you around the Caribbean is this luxury ride…

If you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s probably cold, dark and snowy as hell. Although you can’t melt away the snow, you can definitely melt away the sorrow that often accompanies Old Man Winter. To help you battle the winter blues, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Luxury Yachts you can rent this season. (Hopefully you have a million dollars to spare.) Check these out:

1. TV, South East Asia: $927, 644 / week

TV lets you explore South East Asia below and above sea level. Special features include a 20-metre slide and a professional scuba diving crew. In between massages at the beauty spa and dinners on deck, you can fill your days with beach walks and ice-cold mojitos.1-TVSouthEastAsia2. Triple Seven, Maldives: $610,000 / week
The Triple Seven is built for the Maldives. Equipped with a dining room that overlooks the ocean, and a barbeque that you can take to the beach, this superyacht is the best way to explore the islands. It also features a deck Jacuzzi, gym and even Wi-Fi. You’ll want to live here forever.2-TRIPLE-SEVEN-33. Sycara V, Caribbean: $585,000 / week

Equipped with eight cabins, this classy vessel can accommodate 20 guests. It features one Master Suite, four guest King suites and one Twin Cabin. An elevator transfers you from the accommodation deck to the sundeck, giving you breathtaking views of the Caribbean. 3-SycaraV24. Christina O, Caribbean: $499, 506 / week

Greek billionaire, Aristotle Socrates Onassis, spent $4 million dollars to revamp this ship in the 1950s. Now it’s a floating palace, equipped with a spa, gourmet restaurant, dance floor, game room and Jacuzzi. Apparently, the Christina O Bar is where Winston Churchill and Jackie Kennedy first met. We can’t confirm if this is true, but the sheer mystery makes this worth the trip. 4-Christina O-BIG5. LEGEND, Antarctica: $496,541/week

Icy temperatures and snowy terrain can sometimes be enjoyed, especially if you’re on the LEGEND superyacht. Equipped with a helicopter-landing pad, you can enjoy views of Antarctica while heli-skiing, or you can take a submarine to the bottom of the ocean and hang out with schools of fish. After your arctic adventure, you can escape to LEGEND’s Balinese spa to recharge. 5-Legend