This Crazy Quadrofoil is The Four-Legged Boat of The Future

Sure, boats are interesting. And the all-new Seabreacher is definitely some eye candy. But if you want something really cool and totally out of the ordinary, feast your eyes on all that is the Quadrofoil.1QuadrofoilTechnically the Quadrofoil is a boat, as it glides on water…but it’s unlike any boat we’ve ever seen before. Better described as a watercraft, the Quadrofoil quiet and all-electric, meaning no harmful chemicals or emissions harm the environment. It’s a fun way to play in the water (without getting all wet), plus feel some adrenaline pump through your veins!2QuadrofoilThe intuitive cockpit makes boating (yes, because there’s an actual wheel which doubles as the Quadrofoil’s “key”) easy and the touch screen display keeps owner informed of the vessel’s speed, range, consumption and battery power.3QuadrofoilSo, how exactly does it work? According to Quadrofoil, the C-foil technology uses “buoyancy force to lift the vessel above the surface and travel with minimum water resistance”. While we’re not entirely sure what that means, we can’t deny it looks really freakin’ cool while cutting through the water.

The hull is made of lightweight composite materials and at 100 kgs, makes handling the vessel super easy and fun for both you and your passenger- yep, this watercraft can hold not one, but two people!4QuadrofoilThe Q2S model’s top speed is 21 knots (about 40 km/h) and has a range of up to 100 km with its 10,4 KHw batteries and QE 5,5 KW motor. This model will be available to be purchased from December on, while another model (the Q2A Electric) will be available in 2017. The latter model has a slower top speed, less range and a less potent battery and motor (we can only assume it will be cheaper as well). 5QuadrofoilBut for now, we have the Q2S model to look forward to- and it looks very fun! Check it out in the video below:

[Source: Quadrofoil]