Monaco Yacht Show: By Air, Sea or Land, Mercedes Wants You to Arrive in Style

Much like we saw yesterday with Aston Martin’s AM37 powerboat, luxury automakers are evolving into luxury lifestyle brands, encompassing every facet of a life lived lavishly.

Mercedes is no different, at the Monaco Yacht Show the Germans showed off a new airplane interior and a personal yacht designed to distinguish you on the runway or the slipway.

Working with German airline Lufthansa’s Technik division–which services and outfits jets for corporate clientele–Mercedes created a 16-passenger cabin designed for short and medium-range flights catering to only the most “VIP and VVIP.”

The cabin was designed to mimic human DNA, which results in a fluidly spiraling layout. Mercedes says, “the interior appointments fit the cabin organically and homogeneously like a DNA helix.” For good measure, Mercedes injects a bit of its own DNA as well, Magic Sky Control electrochromic glass technology lifted from the S-class–which uses electricity to move from transparent to dark– has been used in the jet’s windows.


Completing the transportation trifecta is the new ARROW460-Granturismo–designed by Mercedes-Benz Style, in conjunction with Silver Arrows Marine–this 46.5-foot, 960 hp  yacht has Mercedes written all over it.


Designed for both day trips and multi-day hauls, the ARROW460 was styled to mimic the design language of the iconic Mercedes S-class. In fact, the classic coupe proportions allowed the team to take “advantage of an open boat with those of a hull cabin cruiser in unique fashion.”


The windows ‘roll’ down just like they do on the AMG-GT you left parked back at the harbor, and the windscreen flips up, offering breezy, open vistas. Like the jet interior, Mercedes once again applies its Magic Sky Control to the yacht’s glass.

Inside the Granturismo, 10 passengers are treated to what Mercedes calls “a three-dimensional application” of eucalyptus wood and “every feature an owner might wish for,” no further interior details were given.

Mercedes has long been a leader in luxury motoring, it’s exciting to see the same precision and creativity it brings to the road, applied to both air and sea. Deliveries of the ARROW460 to those of appropriate means should begin before the end of 2017.