15 Reasons #Yacht is the Best Hashtag Ever

Whether you own a yacht, have a friend with one or you’re just dreaming, here are 15 times #Yacht was just the most perfect hashtag ever.

That cool summer breeze, a bit of swimming, all while catching a little Vitamin D.

You shouldn’t need any motivation to get out there with just under a month of the summer left. But if you do, these pics will have you out at sea in no time.

15. Superyacht; helicopter landing pad included.

14. Hang on tight!

13. Peace and quiet.

12. Sunset.

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11. Catching some sun.

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10. Now there’s a catch.

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9. The coolest wooden yacht out there.

8. Livin’ the dream.

7. Day out.

6. Pre-yacht meal.

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5. Yacht+water slide = good idea.

4. Perfect day.

3. Yacht club.

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2. Yachting in Greece.

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1. 280-ft Beauty.

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