Masterfully fabricated stainless steel system with intelligent valvetronic system turning your daily commute upside down. Creating smoother passages allowing enhanced exhaust flow, bettering overall vehicle performance. Unobstructed passage enabling the craziest volume upgrade you'll ever encounter. Build a new demeanor for your 328i with the Armytrix system.


TITANIUM EXHAUST SYSTEM: High-Strength-to-Weight Ratio // Master Craftsmanship // Massive Weight Reduction // Low Rev Purr // High Rev Howl // No Drone

STAINLESS STEEL EXHAUST SYSTEM: T304 Stainless Steel // Flawless TIG Weld // Durability Unquestioned // Lighter Than Stock // Deep/Full Exhaust Note // No Drone

Valves Opened (Race Mode): Improved Low Level Tone // Amplified Mid-Range Note // Increased High Pitch Acoustic // Sharper, Crisper Sound across the rev range // Noticeable BHP Gain // Low&Mid Range Torque Upgrade // Sharper Throttle Response // Improved Efficiency // Unobstructed Exhaust Flow

Valves Closed (Street Mode): Maintain Low Profile, away from unwanted attention // Perfect for someone who doesn't want to be loud all the time.

Valve Automatic Adjustment (Auto Mode): Throttle Controlled // Preset RPM for Activation // Automatically regulates back-pressure level // Maintain power at low RPM for better launch start!

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