This Revolutionary Joby S2 Personal Electric Aircraft Will Replace Your Car

It might not be long before you trade in your car for a revolutionary personal airplane. Designed by Joby Aviation, the Joby S2 is an environmentally friendly aircraft that combines innovative battery technology with electric motors and control systems.

It’s equipped with the same sensor technologies as rocket ships, and its new control systems feature electric VTOL (vertical take off and landing) technology.Joby_S2_1
Joby Aviation promises to “improve the way society works, lives, plays, and travels.” In fact, the aircraft requires 5 times less energy to operate than a conventional car, and travels at 5 times the speed. This means you’ll be saving your time and the environment. Joby_S2_4The Joby S2 will squash your fear of flying — it’s safer and faster than the automobile you drive to work. With four propellers on each wing, you get peace of mind knowing that if one or two break down, you can still glide through the air safely. As a bonus, the propellers are designed to make landing and taking off as quiet as possible — no one will even hear you dropping in.Joby_S2_7Still in production, you can expect to see the Joby S2 flying around town in a few years. If you’re lucky, you’ll be the one waving from the cockpit.Joby_S2_8

In the meantime, check out Joby’s progress here.