Now You Can Buy Your Own Portable “James Bond” Plane

The ICON A5 is a sleek, fun, flyer built for you and a friend to adventure the skies together. With the capability to land on either land or water, the miniature plane’s limits are boundless.

It has ridiculously intuitive controls and smart ergonomics in the cockpit, so it should come easy to flying veterans or first-timers. Their philosophy is to have you looking out, as opposed to looking down.

ICON2Not only is this one of the cooler and more thoughtfully built pieces of flying, it’s also one of the more beautiful sport aircrafts you’ll come across. A perfect blend of art and science, the A5 uses cutting edge materials to achieve its lofty performance.

It’s one of the safer planes, too; the ICON A5 is the world’s first light sport aircraft with a Spin-Resistant airframe, meaning those crazy spinouts where pilots lose control of their machine, isn’t even possible in the A5.


Words just don’t do it justice. Check out the jaw-dropping footage on the ICON experience below.