This Jumbo Jet Interior Puts All Other Private Jets to Shame!

Why squeeze into a tiny private jet when you can fly an entire entourage in comfort aboard a plane that’s as spectacular as it is spacious!

Love an Eastern-inspired design aesthetic? Then you’ll definitely want to grab a peek at HAECO Private Jet Solutions’ latest turnkey interior, designed for the Airbus A330-200 jumbo jet cabin.

Adaptable for any wide-body jet, the stunning design is the brainchild of an undisclosed international fashion brand and features lattice framework that helps separate the cabin’s living spaces (both a lounge area and dining room are accounted for), a library, private bedroom with an en-suite bath, and even a sushi bar!



HAECO has also included a funky nod to the East (remember this is the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company after all) with hand-painted silk wallpaper featuring dragon and bamboo motifs. As for the price on the turnkey interior? No word just yet, but a private Airbus A300-200 starts at $229 million!