This $53 Million Dollar Private Jet Has the Most Insane Interior Ever

If you can’t afford your own private jet, join the club. To make you feel even worse about your net worth, we’re giving you a sneak peak into the Embraer Lineage 1000E.

cockpit 039

At $53 million, this private jet is equipped with the industry’s finest amenities, including the largest private-jet shower.bathroomComprised of about 800 square feet, the jet is small enough to land in small airports and large enough to provide comfort for high-maintenance guests. Equipped with a 42-inch TV, Wi-Fi, Queen bed, bathroom and dining area, the only thing missing is a fireplace.bedroomIn an interview with Architectural Digest, Jay Beever, the Vice President of Interior Design for Embraer Executive Jets, said: “I’ve been asked to add a fireplace to the main cabin…Obviously that brought about more red tape and safety concerns than imaginable. It was a simple no can do.” Sorry to hear, Mr. Beever, but the large shower is good enough for us.

Taking design to new heights, Beever says that the massive windows (shown at top) will set the stage for the industry’s future. These ones aren’t so bad either.interior1 interior2The massive skylights soak in sunlight and provide gorgeous views of the sky. More importantly, Beever said, “Instead of using technology to create a sense of space, we can harness the power of nature by allowing more of it into our cabin.” interior3 interior4

We can’t wait to see Beever’s next private jet model. Panoramic windows and a fireplace? That’d be nice.