See the World in a New Way Aboard This Windowless Private Jet Concept

International agency Technicon Design’s private jet concept is as close to the freedom of flying as you can get.

The sleek design replaces windows with screens that displays the external environment inside the cabin.

“The ethos of the project is simple, to challenge current thinking, and propose something a little different, but not just a fantasy,” said Technicon design director Gareth Davies.

“It has to be credible and relevant, yet provoke discussion. We quickly settled on the controversial yet interesting idea of removing the windows from the cabin and using existing or very near future technology to display the exterior environment to the inside surfaces of the cabin via external cameras.”

Cameras on the plane’s body and wings would capture the outside environment and project them onto high-definition screens on the ceiling and sides of the cabin. Think of James Bonds’ Aston Martin ‘Vanquish’, only this is the real deal.

In addition, removing the windows reduces the weight of the plane, making it more fuel efficient, simplify construction, and allows for greater flexibility in interior layouts. Passengers would sit in armchairs or bench seats facing one another, some with tables in between (seen below).

While the idea is to experience flying in a new way, the HD screens are adaptable, meaning different displays can be projected to change the mood. Even a traditional cabin could be projected onto the walls.

“The user experience is greatly enhanced by directly engaging the passengers with the environment outside, to the point of exhilaration by giving an unhindered panoramic view from the inside,” said Davies.