This Easy-To-Fly Electric Two-Person Helicopter Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

The E-Volo prototype chopper called the Volocopter VC200 has just recently completed its first flight and once you see how it looks, we’re sure you’ll want to get one for yourself.1VolocopterThe two-seater Volocopter takes off vertically just like a normal helicopter, but features an electric engine and a ridiculously easy instrument panel – a far cry from the complex, multi-buttoned beasts available on the market today.2VolocopterThe Volocopter VC200’s first flight was first flown in November and was actually piloted remotely by company CEO Alexander Zosel, who had never flown it before. Zosel found the controls simple to use and very intuitive- an important characteristic when it comes to an aircraft you’ve never seen before.3Volocopter-editThe Volocopter’s current electric motor will last for only about 20 minutes of flight time, however E-Volo is working on extending that time to an hour, which will be sufficient to transport well-off folk from their mansion to the tennis courts (and plenty of other places). They are also working on developing a hybrid system comprising of a combustion engine and a generator that would charge the onboard battery.4VolocopterE-Volo is also looking into ways of making the Volocopter more compact for storage by using a folding mechanism for the propellers. Despite still being in the works, E-Volo has already won a technical award for the Volocopter at the United Nations climate change conference in December. It was dubbed a “Climate Champion” for the chopper’s ability to provide clean, energy-efficient transportation.5VolocopterThe next step, however, is to complete the first manned flight but before that, German aviation authorities first must create a brand new aircraft category that the Volocopter can fit into so it can be certified to go on sale.VolocopterRotator 6Volocopter-edit[ Source: RobbReport]